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The Importance of Roleplay

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Role play is without doubt one of the most effective training methods available. This technique is an excellent way to achieve a number of benefits for students and employees in a number of different industries. Role playing is not just "practising with an imaginary customer." Roleplaying allows a group of trainees to act out scenarios in a safe environment. It opens communications, helps pin point areas for development and highlights obstacles so you can find the right solutions. It also gives a great deal of confidence and develops social skills.


Role playing can be used in every department to practice and imitate real life scenarios. It is the systematic building of correct habits while learning the acceptable structure and the best way to communicate your knowledge and ideas to the customer.

Who Are We?

Here at Roleplay Solutions (RPS), we understand the importance of roleplay for the development of individuals in a variety of different situations.    The actors we use help to create authentic and realistic situations.


RPS has a large group of experienced actors who can perform different roles to suit different industries including medical, police force, law, corporate, teaching and many more. Our actors are fully committed to working for RPS and we recruit and train only the best actors. Our meticulous selection process maintains our professional standard. We take pride in offering all of our clients an expert and friendly service, providing industries with an extensive range of high caliber roleplayers with suitable requirements for any scenario (age, gender, etc).


Roleplayers enhance sessions during a training day and get your employees thinking, talking, deliberating and participating in different situations. Our ultimate goal is to witness the development of every individual who encounters roleplay. Seeing the positive impacts of communications, again and again, is what makes our work extremely rewarding.


While working with RPS in roleplay, you can get several benefits which include:

  • Training for your employees to use content in a related, practical context

  • Help develop student/employees with decision making and deviate from the confines of any self-induced boundaries

  • Helping feedback about different situations.

  • Actors who can re-do a situation several times


Medical Roleplays

Engaging medical learners in roleplay encourages active learning. The structured and planned scenarios can be used for delivering modules of the program in clinical rotations.


RPS is the provider of professional actors for roleplaying work based in the UK. We provide actors for a variety of clients and offer a bespoke and professional service. Our aim is to help trainees enhance and improve their communication skills, pass exams and become more self-assured with their ability.

Roleplay provides a safe learning enviroment for medical students to achieve confidence within simulations giving them a chance to trial their bedside manner and practice physical examinations and knowledge of the subject.


RPS has the expertise and experience in medical roleplay for a broad range of Healthcare Professionals and associated organisations throughout the UK.  Our highly skilled and trained roleplayers will deliver realistic patient and client experiences for your organisation.

Our roleplayers pride themselves on getting it just right and will bring a high-quality experience to the most demanding situations.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Military and Police Roleplay

It is one of the common training method amongst military branches in which quick decision making is extremely valued.

RPS recognise how to use roleplay to help teams and individuals become more successful. With our team of professional actors trained in providing emotional realism which changes perspectives, RPS provides training with transformative results.


We are able to provide training support to the Army and Police. The main benefit of our experiential learning is that it provides the student with a secure place to try, fail and then prosper. These real-time, energetic experiences generate an extraordinary learning experience.  


By acting out on different scenarios, students and employers can discover ways in which other individuals are expected to react to changed methods; and they can get an impression for methods that are expected to work, and for those which might be unfavorable.  


Our actors work with your trainers and the character brief, offering a safe simulated situation for your delegates to practice. We can help to recognise where there are learning and development needs or just to support current practices.  Either way, using RPS roleplay actors as part of your training courses will add a collaborating element, making your training more engaging, more entertaining, more dynamic and eventually more effective.


Advantages of Roleplay

Role-plays can help trainees to identify difficulties, share understandings and discuss potential solutions. It helps in developing communication, management development, and leadership qualities. Whether you want your employees to gain confidence from the opportunity to cooperate with helpless children, interview serious offenders, cope with impulsive mental health patients, or practice supervision skills with front-line employees, we can offer the actors with the knowledge and capability to take on the roles required with minimum fuss and great impact.



A few benefits you will get from hiring RPS roleplayers for your business training:


Shape confidence: Roleplaying offers a secure environment to come across difficult situations, which shapes confidence in trainees that can help them in their everyday roles.


Improve listening skills: Good roleplay needs good listening skills. In addition to understanding the words which another individual is saying, it’s vital to pay attention to body language and non-verbal signs. Better to have your team improve these skills while roleplaying than when they are in a real-life scenario.


Creative problem-solving: No matter how bizarre a situation you make in a controlled setting, usually, something even stranger is certain to occur on the job. Roleplaying will at least offer your team a chance to get some experience in handling hard situations and in evolving innovative analytical abilities.

Taking the pulse of an older patient

Corporate Roleplays

Roleplaying is a fantastic tool for companies to train their employees. This medium of training can help where the employee has to deal with difficult conversations, meetings, and unexpected situations.  Professional actors can bring these situations to life by re-enacting a particular work-related scenario. As well as being a dynamic way to learn, Roleplay is also fun because of it's interactive style. By having expert roleplayers from RPS, you can immediately break the ice and up the stakes. RPS is also able to help you by providing actors who have substantial experience working in different corporate sectors.


We deliver meaningful experiences that help people learn to communicate with clarity, vitality, empathy, and purpose. Actors with honest reactions also make training more energetic, engaging and are able to redo the similar scene over again.

Our expert corporate actors:

  • Stay unbiased during the training sessions

  • They are proficient in the art of communication

  • They remain focused on the objectives of the training session while engaging emotionally.

  • They offer positive feedback to help constant development

  • They constantly redo situations over several training sessions​

  • They follow confidentiality and discretion 

Reaching a Deal

Contact us

Reap the benefits of roleplaying as a training method for a supportive learning environment for your students and employees.


Our professional actors have extensive experience in roleplaying and can help to with valuation, development exercises and useful feedback.

Contact us today and ask how our services can assist you in your training and development programs.​

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